Superwash is a Self-Serve Car Wash operating successfully in Lemesos, providing an efficient and convenient way for vehicle owners to care for their cars, motorcycles, and even boats. Our self-service car wash facility allows you to easily and economically maintain the cleanliness of your vehicles.

At our car wash, we provide all the essential tools and products you need for a thorough cleaning, including:

  • Rim cleaner and machine wash chemicals: Effectively remove dirt and grime from your vehicle's rims and body.
  • Insect cleaner water: Specifically designed to tackle stubborn insect residue, ensuring a pristine finish.
  • Hot water with soap: A combination of hot water and soap creates a powerful cleaning solution for a thorough wash.
  • Soft brush with foam: Our gentle yet effective brush, combined with foaming soap, helps lift dirt and grime without causing damage to your vehicle's exterior.
  • Hot water for rinsing: A warm water rinse ensures the complete removal of soap and leaves your vehicle looking spotless.
  • Tricolore shine soap: Our specially formulated shine soap enhances the appearance of your vehicle, providing a vibrant and glossy finish.
  • Shine and protective wax: A protective wax coat adds a layer of shine while safeguarding your vehicle's paint from the elements.
  • Free spot rinse water: Enjoy access to spot rinse water, allowing you to give specific areas of your vehicle an extra touch of cleanliness.

Furthermore, we offer absorbent machines for internal cleaning, utilizing hot foam and aromatic products to deeply clean and freshen your vehicle's interior space.

Choose Superwash Self-Serve Car Wash and experience the advantages of saving both time and money. Our self-service approach empowers you to take control of your vehicle's cleanliness while providing access to high-quality tools and products.

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Number of Employees 1-50
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Sinergatismou 3 , Limassol 3780 , Cyprus

Panagiota Kompou
superwash [ at ] cytanet.com.cy
+357 70 007 277
+357 25 561 878